I’m an optimist, my view is that its not that hard to get people together to work on something important like better supporting the most vulnerable. I also don’t think its that hard to come up with new, innovative, flexible solutions.I believe that people from various disciplines and sectors want to contribute to designing new ways of addressing wicked problems. They just don’t have the opportunity to come together, until now.

The Collective is a new initiative that brings together the parallel universes of corporate, community, NGO and government sectors together to collectivise our efforts and break the cycle of disadvantage. Its humble beginning were two public servants who dared to dream, who dared to disrupt the status quo and create the space for a new way of working.

The Collective supports community driven initiatives by connecting stakeholders from across sectors and disciplines, we innovate the way we respond to a problem by working with UTS Design Innovation Research Centre and apply Harwood Institute tools and methods to support authentic connection to community. Harwood Institutes talks of NGOs and government needing to turn outward. UTS Design Innovation applies reframing and futurecasting to focus on aspirations.

The status quo isn’t working and peoples lives are at stake. The Collective is about talking to new stakeholders, and working with community to identify priorities. Collaborating through sharing time, talent and resources because no one can solve wicked problems alone or in silos – this has to be a whole of community effort to disrupt the cycle of disadvantage.

This makes great economic sense because it doesn’t rely on government funding, but rather it leverages the social capital in the community. We have enough, there is so much money invested by three levels of government, the private sector, philanthropy, and the community to support disadvantaged people, yet disadvantage is growing.I believe that by collectivising our efforts and re-calibrating existing resources to support community priorities, we are leveraging the social capital in the community

The Collective, like a start, up is prepared to fail to find the right way to deliver the outcomes. It is changing the narrative of how government expands its orbit to create opportunities for cross sector and community collaboration. Instead of pilots or trials, The Collective builds prototypes of new models and solutions of solving wicked problems.


Check out The Collective YouTube channel join us on Twitter @CICNSW

The Collective NSW on Facebook and LinkedIn


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