The essence of effective collaboration is to harness a collective of people from different silos, to create change or shift behaviour, which in turn solves a problem. While this sounds like an easy process, in theory, the implementation of collaboration asks organisations to transform from a hierarchical structure to an agile environment where all individuals are asked to provide input.

In this presentation, leaders are empowered with the skills to implement effectively a controlled and collaborative approach to solving the challenges faced by a business. Employees feel empowered when they are invited to take action and create the ‘alchemy’ required for or an organisation to achieve desired outcomes.

Audiences will walk away with a seven-step approach to igniting collaboration. This provides them with the skills to enhance performance, innovation and in turn creates a culture of individuals who feel engaged, on purpose and aligned with the collective vision of the organisation.

Key Outcomes

  • Insights into the seven steps to collaborative alchemy.
  • Enhance performance, through collaborative engagement.
  • Improved culture and enhanced team building.
  • Increase team accountability.
  • Enhance Innovation.


Employees require more than just a transaction when it comes to feeling engaged in the workplace. It is not enough to receive a pay cheque, so engaging a purpose-driven culture is imperative to ensure staff retention and to create the gravity to attract top talent. Likewise, consumers are also looking to engage business with a focus on profit as well as purpose. After all it is good, to be seen doing good.

In this presentation, Anne Marie will address to nature in which organisations implement Corporate Social Responsibility. She addresses key changes that enable business’s of the future to create sustainable outcomes for business transactions whether that be with employees or clients.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with the tools to understand the nature of CSR and the ability to develop disruptive CSR strategies that will enhance engagement, performance and profit. CSR isn’t always about making donations, but the ability to use our tools, talents and time to engage people in purpose and create social change through our business structure.

Key Outcomes

  • Become a socially aware and accountable organisation.
  • Understand that time and talent is as valuable as money.
  • Close the silos between corporates and the community.
  • Create a culture of proactive change.
  • Brand your business as a socially aware organisation.


To enhance innovation in an organisation, we must build a culture with the mindset to Ignite Change rather than react to change. Change is not a crisis, but it can elicit the same fear. Identifying the mindset and belief systems causing that fear empowers individuals with the strategies to overcome fear and embrace the infinite opportunities found in change.

In this presentation, Individuals are empowered with the tools to assess their behaviours and belief systems that stifle innovation. Leaders can empower individuals to come up with solutions solving business challenges, and to take action accordingly. They are also able to act on incoming opportunities, without fear out the outcome.

Audiences will walk away with tools to reframe their relationship with change. This will enhance confidence, innovation and create an opportunistic mindset. It is the organisations that stay ahead of the curve, that succeed, and the first step is empowering individuals with the skills to bravely take action.

Key Outcomes

  • Reframe a ‘fear based’ mindset stifling team performance.
  • Inspire a culture of high performers ready to seize opportunities.
  • Ignite change rather than manage change.
  • Enhance creativity and innovation.